Our Mission

A Traditional Foods Farm

Our Farming Intent:

While not perfect, we strive everyday to do the following; and as our knowledge about the environment and food grows, we promise to reevaluate our practices. 

1) Grow great tasting and nutrient-dense foods.

2) Only use farming practices that, over time, reduce outside inputs and focus on the enhancement of the environment, wildlife habitat, and biological regeneration of soil.

3) Treat the farm team with respect and care for them as our family, pay them a fair wage and nurture a safe and chemical-free working environment. 

4) Treat the animals humanely and ensure they live on healthy lush pastures in a stress-free and biologically diverse ecosystem. Care for them in a clean way that never requires the use of antibiotics. 

5) Allow farming decisions to be made through the lens of biomimicry. As our understanding of our ecosystem evolves, work to implement the new wisdom into our practices.

*Biomimicry in farming is an approach that seeks sustainable solutions to farming challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. We study the interconnected patterns and relationships between plants and insects. We then focus on balancing the imbalances that would normally cause farmers to use chemicals on plants or drugs in their animals by implementing missing biological and native components to the ecosystem (i.e. plants, insects, or other animals). We are currently participating in several university studies that are observing the effectiveness of our methods.