From John & Molly:

Along with Alan York, we’ve had many mentors as we’ve built Apricot Lane Farms, and never cease being students of farming. Some of our most influential mentors have been Wendell Berry, Gabe Brown, Jerry Brunetti, Jim Gerrish, Mary Oliver, Joel Salatin, and Allan Savory. All of their books, and many others line our office shelves.

If you have an interest in learning more about this way of farming, below is a small starter list of books that inspired us in the beginning. It’s easy to drown in the endless perspectives on how to farm and the conflicting advice one might get from different consultants. The method one chooses to farm is deeply personal and must resonate from within. These writers and farmers below might help inform your personal perspective.

I don’t know much for sure but I do know that farming is first and foremost an art and a way of seeing, everything else after that is just work. Stay curious. ~ John Chester

A few of the broader perspectives that inspired the “lens” we use to see our farm:
Wendel Berry - “It All Turns on Affection”“The Way of Ignorance”“The Unsettling of America”
Kristin Ohlson - “The Soil Will Save Us”
Joel Salatin - “Folks this aint normal”Polyface Farms

Integrating the farm within an ecosystem:
Jerry Brunetti - “The Farm as Ecosystem”
Alan Savory - Holistic Management, Savory Institute
Will Harris - Whiteoak Pastures

The Infinite Wonder of Soil:
Gabe Brown - Cover cropping large scale systems, “Dirt To Soil”
Ray Archuleta - Soil Health, Cover Crops
Paul Stamets- All things Fungi6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World
Jeff Lowenfels – “Teaming with Microbes/Nutrients/Fungi”
Sir Albert Howard

Nutrition, Food & Farm to Table:
Michael Pollan- “The Omnivore's Dilemma”
Lierre Keith - “The Vegetarian Myth”
Sally Fallon- Traditional Foods“Nourishing Traditions”

*Apricot Lane Farms is certified Organic, Biodynamic and currently piloting Regenerative Organic Certifications. While we do not believe certification to be a requirement in order to qualify you as a conscientious steward of the land it does help to guide you towards methods and connect you with resources. Here are the ones we are actively involved with.

John and Molly with their mentor Alan York and their four-legged mentor, Todd. 
John and Molly with their mentor Alan York and their four-legged mentor, Todd.