Chicken Bedtime

a coop at night

The duality of the “dream life” we live here on Apricot Lane is evident on all of our smiling, sleep deprived faces. Of course it’s not easy living the dream of working the land, that’s a given. You find a new level of tired counteracted by a fuel known as “meaning”. I guess it’s the same for parents caring for kids. With farming you can’t really ever stop because the plants and animals depend on your stewardship and they never grow up and go off to college. BUT the magic does happen in little ways and this photo says it best. Did you know that chickens put themselves away every night? 

I know it might not seem like a big deal but to us it’s this enormous “ahhhh…” to know that after all we do to keep these ladies healthy, fed, watered and moved to new grass every 2 days, not only will they lay an egg from time to time but unlike your teen child they come home before sunset every night all by themselves. All we have to do is shut the door behind them.

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