Maggie’s Needs


For todays musings from the farm, I walked around and noticed the faces of a few of the creatures that surround us here. I started wondering what each of them was thinking. The answer….I have no idea.

So I asked myself, what is it that each has in common?

None of the creatures pictured cares about what’s happening outside of approximately 5 feet from where they exist.

Out of context that might sound selfish.

Yet even within that 5 feet they don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, or if footballs were deflated, none care if Brian Williams exaggerates the truth about being shot down in a helicopter.

Behind each eye is a very abbreviated view of the world. They are not having our experience. And no I’m not about to say that LOVE is their only language. They don’t even know that word. For them it’s pretty much summed up by food, water, safety and belonging to a group that supports them in getting just enough of their basic needs. And for each of them that’s enough… in fact that’s everything.

They don’t bank it away, or take more than they need. Day by day they take just enough to live a few hours more.

Our job is to make sure we dont screw up everything beyond that 5 feet. And today I tried to reflect on the contentment they teach and our responsibility to be good stewards of everything they might need tomorrow.

Maggies the Dairy Cow Needs:┬áTender grass (especially clover), water and Hank the baby bull her best friend who just sorta “gets her”.


maggie grassa
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