The Egret


Why does it feel so good to welcome back this old friend? I shot this off my phone while passing the pond the other day. This Egret has shown up there about the same time of year for the last 3 years and will remain most of the fall and winter. I call him “George”.
It’s a pretty wonderful feeling to know the farm feels like a home worth returning to. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. But George’s awkward almost out of place presence is powerful to me for another reason. For one, he’s a loner …surviving out there and seems pretty happy with that. But as you look at his long head, legs and go go gadget neck they don’t move with that fast nervous energy like most birds. George is more like a cow grazing in a tall grassy pasture… slow, centered and meditative. I guess that’s it… the movement of George the Egret relaxes me and reminds me yet again why I love this farm and it’s power to ground us. Nice to see you again George. 

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