What the Child Sees

kid in field

When a kid goes to a zoo they don’t dress as a zookeeper, when they go to the bank with a parent they dont dress as a banker.
But when a kid shows up here on our farm there is a 90% chance that in some way they will dress for the part.

A girl will have some version of pink cowgirl boots.

A boy will be sporting an oversized cowboy hat with the price tag still attached.

They want to fit in. They want to dive in.

The farm unlocks, in a child, some type of primal desire to be accepted by it.

But why?

At a minimum every single one of us is related to a human that grew and hunted their food. They relied on the land, the health of animals, the rain and the soil to provide for them. They worked with it, not against it. This is in our DNA.

The child wants to commune with nature, revere her and depend on her. And if you’re reading this post, it might be fair to assume that the same goes for you.

But we’ve lost the perspective on how.

Not to worry, because a new day is here. This is our time, our chance to be children bold enough to let the world know we want to be accepted again by the land, the trees, the bees, the soil… the farm.

I pray to have those last days as a child awaken in us all…the yearning to know the land once again.

Step away from the computer, go get your hat and your boots… because WE, are farmers.

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